Truly sensitive to History, art history,  ethnology, cultures, spirituality and mysticism, I always try to get inspired by different forms of art like literature, photography, fine art, craftsmanship... Caring about the environnement, I  create sustainably by drawing on recycled paper, by creating with reused fabrics and by connecting art and up cycling as much as I can. To me, nature, universe and human nature must live together in order to put art, peace and harmony at the top of the world. Creation is meditation, which should make people feel more tolerant, more respectful and more openminded. I believe that art, roots and culture should guide us to embrace a flourishing life.  Creating spiritual, sacred and cultured content is unconditional.

Creating during this quarantine has been very refreshing. I wanted to go deep into those ancient spiritualities and past mysticism. I have been inspired by prehistoric times, ancient greek mythology, the spiritual and mystic harmony betwenn the dinka people and their cattle, men asthetic of Omo valley tribes and the new era with spring coming. I have ssen my art evolving and I have met a new aspect of my creative skills but I still tend to illsutrate vibes and energies around me. I use art as a spiritual session or as a prayer to the universe. I have been traveling through times and maybe through some past lives I have experienced.






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