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Paloma V. Catanzarx


“Cities eating nature” try to be a critic essay of the actual cities where the people lose the importance of the mother nature. A call of attention to the citizens of the future. The cities are builded for and by humans, but this big business sometimes doesn’t study the project looking for a better future, they just want to make money. But, there is not all. There is constructions where the balance exist, are the ones where the human soul breath peace. People can develop themselves in freedom and calm their basics needs. This is the main difference of the developed country and the cities in latinamerica, africa or asia. It is a creative proyect based in 20 photographies which the artist took over 6 months in the latin american cities of São Paulo, Río de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. This proyect is looking for approach the nature to the public and see a different way of photography, like a communicational tool for the people who can explain what they feeling. To make some changes as we see the world.





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