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  Like many artists, I think not in words, but in pictures.  It follows unsurprisingly that my work is inspired, informed, and constructed by images which come to me as I think and interact. Out of a song lyric or a memory or a photograph can come a rush of thought that, at times, will simply not end until I put it in a frame. 

    Each of my pieces is created from a layering of seemingly disparate ideas, all of which were seeded by a simple and singular thought, memory, or vision. From that seed, a stream of consciousness grows and eventually results in the finished work.  Whereas any particular piece will have specific meanings for myself, the artist, the same piece will strike the viewer unspecific-ally. The process whereby the piece was created ensures it. Through this, I have the ability to freely express without imposing upon the viewer.  The viewer, in turn, has full freedom to impose their own meaning on the piece, just as I did when I created it.





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