Alexandria Benford | Actor | New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York
Industry: Performing Arts
Professional Title: Actor
Specialties: Adobe Premiere Pro, Event Management and Operations, Broadcast Journalism

- About -

Hello, My name is Alexandria Benford and I am a young artist in the city looking to be involved in a more creative role. As a Baltimore native, I have years of acting experience and professional experience as a broadcast journalist. Through both of these professions, I have mastered my communication and writing skills, which has helped tremendously with marketing in New York. While in the marketing field, I worked with luxury brands to staff events; manage social media accounts, photo shoots and content calendars; plan, organize and execute events from the ground-up and develop pop-up event strategies amongst a plethora of other job duties. I am now looking to use the many talents acquired throughout my journey and explore a new creative role. I am fun, organized, great at multi-taking and work well under pressure. Fun Fact: I have learned Italian for the past eight years and lived in a small town called Viterbo, in between Rome and Florence!