Acacia Rodriguez | Graphic Designer | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn
Industry: Creative Direction
Professional Title: Graphic Designer
Specialties: Branding & Design; concept; illustration; Drawing; Painting

- About -

Hello! I’m an experienced print and graphic designer that has worked in apparel for over 6 years in various positions within design. Whether it is conceptualizing artwork that fits into a unique need and aesthetic, hand printing, trend researching, graphic designing, color matching, or coming up with new systems to make workflow more efficient, I’ve fully invested my time within design to constantly learn and strive for excellence. Within Reunited Clothing and at Dana co/Natori, I set a reputation for being the go to designer for quick, precise, and technically sound artwork that is ready for production. I also established myself as the person who relies on their expertise to choose the best technique for design’s needs. Due to the nature of these characteristics, I have also learned to work well under pressure, come up with creative solutions to problem solving, keep up to date on the latest technology, and efficiently manage my time to adhere to tight deadlines. I am seeking a position that can continue to grow with my skill set, enhance my leadership and management skills, and also provide a creative work environment where I may continue to flourish.