Rachel Alderman | Project Coordinator | Swansea | Art Jobs

- About -

I have recently graduated with a Photography in the Arts MA from University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Swansea. For the Spring Term I studied in Quest University, Canada, a liberal arts University located high in the mountains of Squamish, BC. Within six years working in London’s creative sector as a Project Coordinator I developed a skill set to manage project teams in interior design, architecture, premium packaging and branding, working on up to 15 projects simultaneously. My primary objective was to deliver excellent support and to facilitate close working relationships between internal and external teams to ensure exceptional client service. I developed excellent time management and organisational skills, chairing weekly progress meeting to discuss new and existing projects to allocate 
resources delivering an updated project schedule. Meeting with clients to discuss new and existing project requirements. Liaising with designers and clients to manage logistics producing progress and project summary reports. Attending weekly finance meetings to update the accounts department on work 
complete for billing purposes. Collecting weekly timesheets and monitoring allocated resources. The skills I have learnt as a Project Coordinator, I believe are transferable combined with advanced skill set in PC/Mac with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite to many different sectors. Travelling around the world has offered an understanding into different cultures, offered adventure and expanded the imagination. I am searching for an exciting role combining my skill set as a creative coordinator and a passion for photography.