Allen M. Capriotti | Allen Capriotti - Realist | Altoona | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Altoona
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Allen Capriotti - Realist
Specialties: figurative painting

- About -

Allen Capriotti is an American realist with a modern vision. His paintings are well within the tradition of American realism as defined by artists such as Thomas Eakins and Bo Bartlett. Capriotti looks at America - its people, landscapes and architecture – and describes the beauty he finds in everyday life. His paintings celebrate the underlying nature of the people he meets and their significance in shaping the world around them. Capriotti sees the importance of the smallest details in the overall picture and fills his work with the honest nature of people. Capriotti learned his traditional use of painting materials and technique from his twenty years as a paintings conservator for Albert Michaels Conservation, Harrisburg - Pennsylvania and Evergreen Painting Studios, New York – New York. He learned the importance of properly preparing a painting from the support to the subsequent sizing, ground, grisaille, under-painting, many layers of thin color glazes and choice of a final varnish. His approach to traditional painting technique is like a three legged stool. Central to this tradition is the discipline of drawing, especially as it was taught at Mount Aloysius college, were he studied fine arts and Tyler School of Art were he studied illustration and design. The next leg of the stool is an understanding of art history which gives him the knowledge of what materials and mediums that will give him the best result to be able to replicate objects in the real world – human figures, animals, trees, rocks, architecture and clothing – in order to insert them in his paintings. The next leg on the stool is Capriotti’s knowledge of science, mixing his own mediums and their proper application. His microscopic examination of old masters paintings will guarantee the life of his own paintings. His knowledge of anatomy in conjunction with traditional painting techniques transforms paint into flesh and bone. Capriotti pushes the boundaries of the realist tradition with his multilayered imagery. With a subtle twist – life, passage, memory and confrontation are exposed on each painting. Wife, children, friends and people he sees in his every day life are the cast of characters that appear in his dramatic narrative works. Capriotti’s paintings represent a deeper understanding of the sitters, creating a truthful portrait elevating the person to universal theme.