Amelia | Fine Artist | Leeds | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Leeds
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Fine Artist

- About -

Amelia Baron (23/10/1995) is originally from Blackburn and resides in Leeds after graduating from Leeds Arts University with a 1st BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art. During her adolescence, Amelia spent lengthy stays in psychiatric wards due to ill mental health, but it was during these years that she regained her passion for art and poetry, using it as a cathartic tool for recovery and a means of communication with family and friends. Amelia’s practice combines endurance performance, sculpture and spoken word in an attempt to offer an insight and open up a discourse surrounding mental health in contemporary society, an issue she feels is still stigmatised by certain communities and environments. Often using delicate materials and repetitive motions, Amelia’s work can take a metaphorical stance on the fragility and vulnerability of mental wellbeing. Recently a prize winner at the Aon Community Art Award, she hopes to continue engaging with the public, provoking emotions and awareness through various stimuli including visual art, preformative acts and poetry.