Anastasios | Visual artist | Brighton | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Brighton
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Visual artist
Specialties: Painting, digital arts, Illustration

- About -

Anastasios Veloudis is a visual artist, working around Sussex and London, UK. His work involving digitally manipulated images, collage, photography and video. He is guided by the belief that any kind of creation is a channel that influence in a deep unconscious level. His work reflects radical approaches of mind, body and spirit in an indirect narrative way. His work provokes the viewer to decode an unknown dimension of reality, so the artwork channels the artist’s contemplation, aiming to direct the viewer to a space of bare attention. Anastasios’ latest project involves the exploration of light, video and studies in sound frequency (Cymatics). The intention is to create a sensory, holistic approach to illuminate a concept of the world beyond physical reality. He received a Master of Arts in Digital Media field from Brighton University, a BA in Visual communication and a Diploma in Structural Engineering & Design. Anastasios Veloudis has been part of many exhibitions in Thessaloniki in Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens and London and selected for the 15th Biennale of Young Artists in Greece. His work has been awarded by, The Greek Graphic Design & Illustrations Awards and shortlisted in other competitions around the world. He worked with sound artist J. Young in sound research and edit for Invisible Flock’s project Sea of Voices. In November 2013, he was part of the arts festival Inspire with artists Peter Kogler. His work is part of the collection of the Macedonia Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece.