Andrea Shearing | Painter, Scukptor | Firle Near Lewes | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Firle Near Lewes
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Painter, Scukptor
Specialties: Fine Art acrylic painting and drawing

- About -

I trained at Edinburgh College of Art in Fine Art. I left college with a sculpture commission for Princes St, Edinburgh followed by several group and one man exhibitions. I was taken on by the Mercury Gallery, Cork St, London but was approached by a publisher to devise concepts for children’s books. I went on to write and illustrate over 100 books , games and puzzles. I was awarded over 20 International Awards. I then worked to commission for public arts projects before returning to my roots as a fine artist where my heart has always been. Since my training at Eastbourne Art School I have been inspired by nature and although my work is detailed I am not simply a representational artist. My mission explores the emotional symbolism of my subject matter. I am currently working on sea and rock paintings in which the movement of the ocean waves express the rhythm of life, the force and strength of nature. Its turbulence and calm reflect our inner world. I am interested in exploring the fluidity of water against the firm resistance of hard rock. The ‘Waterfall’ series combines the energy from the fountain of happiness and light with the deep inner sadness from the darker side of night. At the beginning of 2018 I was awarded a solo exhibition in London. This is on the theme of H2O and opens in October. I am just completing 70 works which has been a wonderful challenge. Have divided the exhibition into five sections: Moving Water; Falling Water; Still Water; Flowing Water; Frozen Water and Atmospheric Water. As the gallery targets events with children I have written educational labels to go with the paintings and to alert the public to the importance of water on this planet. Last year I developed a series of 3D paintings to challenge the tradition that paintings have to be 2 dimensional rectangular images hanging on walls. I cut 3D structures which sit on especially designed plinths so they are seen at specific heights and in perspective. I am developing hanging paintings and 3D floor paintings as well as irregular shaped paintings for the wall thus considering all the opportunities to place paintings in different parts of an environment. I have recently won an International Competition for a solo exhibition in Santagio de Compestella, Spain famous for its Pilgrim Ways. This has inspired to create a new body of work on the theme of ‘Pathways’. I regularly exhibit in London, New York and Europe. I have also been selected to have a joint exhibition with my husband called Coastal Duets at the Artizan Gallery Cornwall. We have also won a joint Instagram artist in residency. These exciting opportunities form a platform for my creativity to develop in new directions thus fulfilling my commitment that my painting is based on an inner journey and not simply commercial considerations. I exhibit in London, New York and Europe.