Anna Dee | Sr. Operation/Purchasing | Elk Grove Village | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Elk Grove Village
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Sr. Operation/Purchasing
Specialties: I am very proficient at my profession but I also aspire be a working artist.

- About -

I am a bohemian artist from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I have two small children and been married for 7 years. If it wasn't for Art I'm sure I would have had a nervous breakdown long ago. I am very hardworking and plan to achieve great things in my professional life but also long for the same success as a working artist. I do all hand cut collage art . All my work is from the original vintage books I find the images in. I have thousands of cut pieces and will stay up all night gladly giving up sleep to do what I love. My work is really about the relationship between humans and the natural world. Both in environment and the actual physical scientific form. I am inspired by Hannah Hoch more then any other collage artist. Every time I look at her work it seems new and fresh and inventive. I look forward to putting myself out there more and hope to be more involved in the art community. Thank you.