Antonio D’Andrea | Conceptual, Upcycling Artist | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Conceptual, Upcycling Artist
Specialties: Conceptual, Upcycling Art

- About -

Hi there, i hope this message finds all you well and safe. My name is Antonio D'Andrea, in art Art Opoli. I am a conceptual-upcycling artist, focused on using recyclable and unwanted materials to create masterpieces. I have studied economics, bioethics, consciousness and meditation for more than 10 years and now use that knowledge to create craft art. In less then 3 years, promoting my art works, I have been published in 3 different magazines and been selected for a UAL charity show. All my works are light and sizes all roughly less then 50 x 60 inches. Thank you

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