Shea Hartmann | Artist, Author | SIOUX CITY | Art Jobs
Country: United States
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Artist, Author

- About -

The purpose behind my work is to discover personal answers to the significant social issues affecting society today, such as sexuality, gender identity, and body image. The use of color is to symbolize the inaccuracy of current perspectives concerning the issues my subjects embody. The colors represent the emotions as a multitude of darks and lights, showing there is no true viewpoint concerning societal debates over the individual self. The internal dialogue painted behind the subjects is to show how deep the thoughts become entwined. My subjects are primarily nude, stripping them of the stereotypes associated with indifferences demonstrating that we are all both similar and unique at the same time; that the presentation of our bodies need not be considered pornographic or edited to comply with societal views of perfection. Through this series, I wish my viewers to understand tolerance of self and others, and that the issues represented are equally an internal and external battle.