Aurora Abzug | Artist, Art instructor | Philadelphia | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Philadelphia
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Artist, Art instructor
Specialties: Figurative Realism, oil painting, Portraiture

- About -

My work in painting constructs a visual memoir in which I record my interactions with my interior and exterior environments. I explore how the ways in which I inhabit space as both an artist and a person with the capacity to alter my surroundings in meaningful ways, constitute me as an agent of environmental impact. I am interested in viewing my life and art (often one and the same) through the lenses of social media and social responsibility, elucidating the ways in which these two modes of experience differ as they color contemporary life. Though my work references and sometimes utilizes photography, I explore in much of my new work the way an internalized photographic sensibility becomes a filter through which I engage in life and life-painting, often without involving a mechanical lens. I use my work as a tool to extend the narrative built by memento mori still life artists, 19th century Realists, and other creators of work that synthesized a striving for technical mastery with a theme of making the ephemeral, temporary, and consumable into monuments that encapsulate moments. I seek new uses and contexts for these classic genres and academic techniques. My work applies similar thematic and formal devices to address contemporary (and personal) issues, such as human environmental impact, the ubiquity of social media and consumer capitalism, and personal identity as a marketable commodity.