Austin Fernando | ARTIST | Gillingham | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Gillingham
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: ARTIST
Specialties: Sculpture

- About -

I am an artist who has recently participated in (and organised) an exhibition (called 'humour and horror') at Nucleus Arts gallery in Chatham. I read widely and my work is informed by philosophy, psychology(e.g.the now obsolete, but eternally fascinating, works of Jung and Freud) literature (Franz Kafka) and various artworks, artists (Eva Hesse materiality, use of latex) and movements such as Pop Art (Robert Rauschenberg, combination of sculpture and painting)( Conceptual Art (Martin Creed, gallery as theatre) Arte Povera (Alighiero e Boetti) among others. Materiality, textures, process, experimentation and surreal dark humour are the main features of my work.