Kathleen Miller | Artist, Professor | Woodbridge | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Woodbridge
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist, Professor
Specialties: acrylic and oil painting

- About -

Painting has been my pastime for the majority of my life, since the desire was ignited by tagging along with my mother to her painting classes, when I was a child. Although the majority of my pieces were done with oil paints, I began working in acrylics in the last few years. My favorite subject matter is landscapes and seascapes, but I enjoy painting portraits of both people and animals. Having family members in different sports, I have begun to give attention to motion and agility in my paintings, using gymnastics, football, and dancing as inspiration. I enjoy the beauty of landscapes, seascapes, scenic skies, and tranquil night scenes, which are reflected in the subject matter I put on canvas. It is my hope that the beauty that I see in all of these subjects are enjoyed by my viewers, as much as I enjoy painting them.