Lara Buffard | Performance artist, Producer | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Other
Professional Title: Performance artist, Producer
Specialties: concept creation, Concept Art, performing life

- About -

Lara Buffard is a French Baroque personae, born in Paris in 1973, based in London. She is a performance artist, who incorporates symbolic and surrealistic visuals within her performances. She subverts the darkest aspects of life through striking and colourful images, communicating personal and social ideas in a playful and cabaret-like acts, transforming the human body to a ‘Raphaelite’ creature. The outcome is a piercing statement accompanied by fierce and a stimulating look. The emotions she evokes bring individuals to a pivotal place where a connection to life’s authentic meaning can be grasped; such experiences may be transformative. ‘The alchemy of act transforms the darkness in light.’ Alejandro Jodorowsky ‘Lara is the manifestation of a tragic character, who invokes fear and compassion hence and she goes all the way no matter what. And that’s cathartic and the audience response to that.’ G.A Piepskovitz, theatre critic