Blake Zucker | Artist | Pleasant Ridge | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Pleasant Ridge
Industry: Gallery
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: wheel thrown

- About -

Artist Bio: Blake Zucker began creating art when he was five years old. Two and a half years earlier, he had been diagnosed with autism, and was lacking verbal language. Early in his artistic explorations, Blake astounded his mother when he ran away from their painting session and returned with a butter knife that he used to spread the paint around, akin to a palette knife. Instinctively he began to express his creativity and communicate through his art. Blake’s self-expression and language continue to grow through art-making. Now 26, this emerging artist has discovered his purpose of creating beautiful & functional art for people to enjoy. He began exhibiting his art at age 7. Blake’s artworks have been featured in galleries and shops in New York City, Detroit, and Ann Arbor. Blake has always been inspired by the beauty of nature, reflected in many of his works. Clay has a calm plasticity and a forgiving quality, which helped him to interact with the world through his art. Blake’s creative process is further deepened with his experience of the condition Synesthesia, which allows him a vivid perception of colors as he can feel their vibrations. A key focus in his work is ceramics. Blake creates functional ceramics using clean contemporary lines. A number of his projects feature organic material to create earthy textures, and often he uses 10-12 different clay bodies for each type of firing technique, design or function. In a clay reduction kiln, he likes to leave some of the surface exposed to accept an atmospheric reduction of wood fire, soda, wood ash and properties of flame. This creates unique pieces that represent the elements. Now a young man, Blake Zucker exemplifies how creativity, persistence and compassion can break boundaries and expectations. He is currently pursuing ceramic studies at a college in Detroit. The studio is his haven and where he thrives in challenging himself to explore new techniques. His work remains evocative and emotive.