Bobby Wheat | Owner | Las Vegas | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Las Vegas
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Owner
Specialties: Written Communication, Exhibition coordination, Employee Management

- About -

An ambitious outsider fueled by a passion to bring creative vision to fruition, Bobby Wheat is a self-published artist and the owner of the Bobby Wheat Gallery established in 2011. Starting with zero existing clientele, Bobby built a relevant brand in a local market having grossed over $2M in sales in 6 years. Bobby has managed the design and construction of 2 high-end galleries, negotiating and upholding leases with a fortune 100 landlord (Howard Hughes Corporation). Bobby has extensive executive, management, and sales experience in a high-end art sales environment having regularly achieved 5-figure price points for his art works (primary market) working personally with a hyper-affluent clientele that includes silicon valley billionaires as well as United States congressmen. As the proprietor of the Bobby Wheat Gallery, Bobby has had the unique experience of operating from both the creative perspective as an artist as well as the gallery owner perspective understanding that sales drive art and fund the creative process. Now in his 7th year of business operations, Bobby has faithfully executed his artistic vision through the use of his business management background with extensive experience overseeing all aspects of gallery operations including but not limited to graphic / marketing material design, web design, social media management, sales and employee management, accounting and bookkeeping, direct sales / sales follow up, gallery promotion and marketing, lease negotiation, gallery design and construction, exhibition coordination, art production (photography) and installation, and customer service. While Bobby is an avid student of art history-with a particular gravitation towards the "New York School" and the aesthetic of the minimal and abstract movements out of the mid 20th century-his primary passion is promoting the importance of collecting living artists challenging collectors and admirers alike to connect with the "art of THIS century".