Bonita Helmer | Artist, Painter | Los Angeles | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist, Painter
Specialties: + 10 years of painting and drawing, Multi-Media, + 10 years of multimedia painting experience

- About -

I began my investigation of my current work prior to 2000. I am sincerely involved in the importance of physics, subatomic research, black holes, the birth of stars, supernovas, Einstein’s “God Theory”, gravity, energy, heavy elements and collapsing gas and dust to name a few. Visually, My painting techniques include a variety of contemporary mixed media. I try not to forfeit the artistic experience of hands on work, in favor of technology. I try to create metaphors for the conditions of our world. In the quiet of the universe, a Super Nova suddenly explodes into chaotic fragments of various materials flying light years into space. There is a peaceful, beautiful energy in the universe as well as an awe-inspiring unpredictability. There is so much anguish caused by war, poverty, famine, human fragility and endless conflict in the world, it is my desire to paint an unknown, untouched landscape that is still without the influence of human destruction. Using science and how it is interconnected to art is a politically important theme, I am interested in the future of the human race and desire to express a visual representation of a landscape that is still relatively free from human strife.