Camilla Henry | Studio Co-ordinator, Yoga instructor | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Marketing & PR
Professional Title: Studio Co-ordinator, Yoga instructor
Specialties: concept creation, event coordinator, content creation for social media creative thinking

- About -

I am 25 years old and originally from Dublin, Ireland. I have been working as a professional nurse in Ireland and the UK for over three years, however have recently left full-time nursing to move into a new creative industry, where I can help drive forward and develop a small business. With a huge amount of transferable skills from my nursing career, such as excellent customer service, the ability to think quickly and creatively identify and solve issues, I have the ability to adapt to any highly stressful environment. I have experience managing and leading nursing teams, working on clinic administration duties and selling, on commission, health and wellness products to clients. My nursing career background has built a strong foundation in management, teamwork, analytical thinking and communication skills, skills I want to bring to a new company where I can progress and grow. Nursing has taught me, above all, to be highly organised, hardworking and a team player in some of the toughest conditions. I am enthusiastic, creative, fun and genuinely enjoy meeting people and creating lasting friendships.