Carson Barnes | Photo print artist | Griffin | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Griffin
Professional Title: Photo print artist
Specialties: Photoshop, printmaking, Photography

- About -

Born in Monterey, CA 1956, reared in Maryland with convenient proximity to the National Gallery (my mother had her BA in art history from Wellesley, ’52). I began painting at 8, in 1964, silkscreen printing in 1971, and photography in 1974, photosilkscreen in an industrial shop in LA in 1975; BA in fine arts at Haverford College, 1978, printmaking and photography; went back to California in 1979, and made silkscreen prints constantly, MFA at California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA 1989, printmaking. Ruined wrists made me go digital. I work from my photographs of sculptures in Photoshop, using layers much as I ever did in screen printing but more precisely. It’s a must to do the printing myself, it’s my job to make with all the skill I can. I use the same uncoated French paper in making these photo prints that I used in silkscreen printing, the image comes out just slightly softer, fleshier, analog, than the digital image can show. Bodies are mysteriously compelling. I worked with a few compliant, creative models in the 80s and 90s, making those photographs into complex (dozens to hundreds of layered colors) photosilkscreen prints. One ends up with many images of a few women that way; now I make a few images of many women. I moved to rural Georgia from California in 2012. I doubt I’d have begun this contemplative work if I had remained in California; I see no end to it.