Ceridwen Raynor | Fine Art Photographer | Birmingham | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Birmingham
Industry: Photography
Professional Title: Fine Art Photographer

- About -

I am a fine art photographer and my work recreates the innocence and mystique of childhood stories. I blend texture and colour adapting or replacing elements using Photoshop to enhance the cinematic feel. Drawing from fairy tales, history, myth and fantasy I create images evocative of another time and place. My shoots typically take place outdoors using natural locations to create atmospheric backdrops. My work is influenced by the pre-Raphaelites and their depictions of sensual beauty. I create because I want to draw the viewer into a story that provides an escape from day to day reality. I want them to lose themselves for a moment in a world where if they wish hard enough maybe dreams can come true… My work has been exhibited in the UK and abroad and I was highly commended in the Visual Arts Open UK and International Emerging Artist Awards 2019.