CHEAP | street poster art | | Bologna | Art Jobs
Views: 415
Sector: Public Art
Country: Europe
Europe: Italy
City: Bologna
Size: 2 - 10 employees
Address: Via Casarini 17/5 | Bologna | Italy

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CHEAP | street poster art
CHEAP is an independent project promoting public art as a new tool for fueling urban renewal and investigating local geographies.
Born in 2013 in Bologna (Italy) by the creative effort of 6 women, CHEAP is a yearly festival that involves an international open call and a selection of guests invited to carry out site-specific projects scattered throughout Bologna’s urban landscape and outskirts.
CHEAP is a grassroots, nomadic entity cultivating the hybridization of expressive languages, supporting participatory pathways and working to collectively re-appropriate spaces where creative energies can be unleashed.

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