Constance McBride | Visual Artist, Sculptor | Philadelphia | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Philadelphia
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Visual Artist, Sculptor

- About -

For years I studied the human form through drawing, but once I began exploring it three-dimensionally with clay, I became hooked. I immediately fell for this tactile medium, used to create things of beauty and function for thousands of years. As I discovered a new way to communicate, my work came alive. Clay soon became the primary focus of my practice, and I continue to be intrigued by it and all its properties. Our relationship with nature and the cycle of life/aging process, rejected by many and specifically linked to failure as it relates to women, are concepts I explore via un-idealized female faces and figures. I hand build my pieces and often incorporate bits of nature and other found objects dipped in clay slip, to illuminate a specific narrative. I reference my own body to claim agency as the subject and owner of my work; made through a lens of empowerment to address contemporary issues faced by women.