Zuza Czarniavska | The | RAMSGATE | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: The

- About -

Helping humans to cope with reality is the vital role of art from Zuza’s perspective. This is by both creating it and by experiencing the world through its lenses. At the same time, she gives high importance to its visual appeal, and overall approachability. Just like life, she wants it to be imaginative and fun, but also surprising and mysterious. With her own paintings she aims to make viewers stop and think for a moment, and then again, the day after, and the day after that, hoping they will reveal more of themselves each time. Created on board a narrowboat on the rivers Lea and Stort, and from her Ramsgate studio, her abstract works explore the subconscious. She works mainly with acrylics on canvas and has an instinctive and spontaneous approach to her work. The paintings are inspired by everyday life, largely by her beloved inland waterways and the sea. She sees her pieces from a certain perspective but invites the viewer to frame their own interpretation. Zuza grew up in Poland spending most of her childhood daydreaming and running around with dogs and horses. It was love at first sight when she first came to London, and so she promptly moved there straight after finishing her studies. She’s enjoyed it as a land-lubber, a boat-dweller and recently has loosened ties with the magnificent metropolis to start a new adventure on the beautiful coast of Kent.