Dalton Desborough | Technician | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: 3D Design
Professional Title: Technician
Specialties: Silicone sculpting /hyper realism

- About -

Dalton Desborough is a young sculptor who has a first class BA Honours in fine art from Sheffield Hallam University. All of his work is hand sculpted and made with a hyper realism intention. Replication of the human form is a subject that is constantly revisited. The size can often be to human scale or even larger. The prime material used in his pieces is often silicone. Dalton also works full time as a medical silicone prosthetic technician. He makes new hyper realistic limbs for amputees. He sculpts from start to finish from scratch, covers that will fit onto their existing prosthetic product. This includes nails , moles, freckles , hairs wrinkles. Every bit of this human body is copied to gain complete duplication of their other existing limb/limbs.