Daumants | Painter | Easington | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Easington
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Painter

- About -

I get inspiration from an ordinary objects such as cones, nuts and stones. Another source of inspiration is humans as a physical, mental and metaphysical beings. This combined by my opinion creates associations with daily happenings in the form of process based sculptural paintings and prints. During my creative process, I follow my intuition and pure instinct of creative behaviour. Throughout the momentum of creativity, I use techniques, mediums, materials and tools from painting, printmaking and sculpture fields. These sources create conversations between different objects of inspiration and also create visual conversations as well as a symbiotic bridge between art fields. Another side of my artistic language is working in multiple layers, where the story is built-up, revealing materiality of mediums through various finishes, as well as a deeper meaning of conversations between chosen sources of inspirations. As an artist, to create artwork, I use techniques, mediums, materials and tools from traditional art teachings with a contemporary approach. This appears visually as symbolic and abstract paintings, reliefs, prints or sculptures.