David Hayward | Professor, Fine artist | canterbury | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: canterbury
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Professor, Fine artist
Specialties: Fine Art oil painting and drawing

- About -

Although abstract in nature, much of my work references long-held interests in the natural sciences, the built environment, travel and archaeology. I am particularly interested in methods of depiction that prompt connections between the internal abstract language of a work of art and prior perceptual and emotional experiences. I have always liked the idea of the artist as prospector as it suggests a speculative methodology that is informed as much by intuition and chance as it is by knowledge and planning. I work mainly in encaustic – a very physical process of dissolving oil paint in heated beeswax – a process that tolerates trial, error and change, creates complex surface qualities and allows each work to establish its identity in unexpected ways.