Genista Dunham | Lectuter of Traditional Arts, Workshop Leader, Artist , drawing and painting | Bury St.Edmunds | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Bury St.Edmunds
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Lectuter of Traditional Arts, Workshop Leader, Artist , drawing and painting
Specialties: drawing, Painting, Glass

- About -

I am a life community artist and qualified teacher who has worked for many years with students suffering mental health problems, learning difficulties and disabilities. I currently work as a free-lance artist delivering workshops over the years through local charities and Suffolk county council. Therefore, I have a developed a strong links within the local organisational and charitable community network and know many contacts within Suffolk. I most enjoy one to one connection, responding to human thoughts in the interactive practice and learning to distinguish the fine line between help and support. Judging when to stand back, how to encourage, how to acknowledge the small steps, draw on the positives, be receptive and respond flexibly to whatever situation arises. Discovering the particular interests and pursuit toward creativity for a particular individual; then considering how to develop the ideas further - challenging myself to research in preparation time before tutor time People with mental health or learning difficulties can hold deeply entrenched feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, disempowerment, fears and damaging negative thoughts which sometimes lead into crime. I know Inside Arts Community offers a platform for stability, love and confidence. Enabling participants to find their own means to tap into resources for strength and personal growth. Their vulnerability means that they are isolated, withdrawn from many forms of social interaction, lack self-confidence and motivation. They are often not able to express their feelings or even dare to define the hopes they may hold. A healthy, creative, happy mind is one in which people are able to tap into the creative, building blocks, of their personalities, these are often masked by problems with learning, being able to make sense of the world or having the resources to work through emotional pain or to make the necessary small steps towards reconstructing a day to day living confirmation of self-independence and existence; ,met by acquiring basics skills, looking after one’s self, social skills or concentrating on a task to see through to conclusion, all of which have huge self-achievement values attached. This can all start to emerge in the right kind of supportive arena- a safe and happy place to allow one to process things out at your own pace. Until September 2014, I was the Art and Graphic Design curriculum manager working at HMP Highpoint, a Male Cat B/C prison. As a senior manager, I balanced the requirements of professional teaching practice with running a team, underpinned by responsibilities that specifically apply to working within a secure establishment. It is a challenging area to work one-to-one with sensitive individuals. This became a most formative time in my life where I evolved as a person and learnt enormously through working with people at risk of marginalisation by society. A short experience in an acting deputy role at Highpoint provided an invaluable learning curve for honing new skills towards empathetic leadership and managing diplomacy. Interpersonal mediation between staff and learners and good communication skills lies at the heart of the role. After six years, it felt like time to re- channel energies towards broadening my knowledge and practical skill expertise. I then applied to the Princes School of Traditional Art, where I specialise in teaching occasional ceramics and stained glass workshops, which I have transferred into the community to continue practice within local settings: the Women’s refuge; Elderberries day care services (for vulnerable adults), Arts for Us playscheme 5-9yrs for children referred to us through Social Services, Suffolk Artlink, Bury Mind and Art Heads (Bury St.Edmunds). I have a current DBS and Safe Guarding qualifications My passion for Art’s committed to working with others, combined my unique approach means that I would love the opportunity to work with you.