Gordon Senior | Mr | Fakenham | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Fakenham
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Mr

- About -

In 2002 I moved to take up the post of Chair of the Art Department at Stanislaus State University in the Central Valley of California. Every year during the summer months I would fly back home to Norfolk. These journeys and the distinct UK and US landscapes became the subject of my sculpture. The small town in California where I lived is half way across the state 90 miles from both San Francisco and Yosemite and the University was on Monte Vista Avenue. On a clear day along the Avenue you could see the border hills to the west and the high Sierras to the east. My most recent work focuses on the mysterious and intangible area where the top of a mountain meets a cloud. The peak of the landmass shrouded in mist disappears skywards into the unknown. The major theme in my work is man’s relationship to nature and the exploration of varying sized forms. My practice involves casting, construction, carving and modeling.