Bachini | Digital artist, New media choreographer | toulon | Art Jobs
Country: France
City: toulon
Industry: Digital Art
Professional Title: Digital artist, New media choreographer
Specialties: Concept Art;

- About -

Gwendaline Bachini is a new media choreographer. She includes the gesture’s visitor/audience in the choreography and create interactive dance art works. She deal with topic as human identity / Evolution theory. Its first steps in the field of New Media Art were made in Berlin where she realizes Tactim (2008) with Humatic GmbH. Based on live size touch screen, the prototype was shown in Manchester and the final piece in several New media/Digital art exhibitions until 2010. Bachini participed also to several Humatic GmbH’s production as Mind Box made by C.Graupner and events as the opening of Sensapolis (Sindelfingen). Back to France (2011) she team up with researchers on vision and perception as 4D View Solution, Sip Conseil and the laboratory INRIA (grenoble) in order to realize her cycle of art works called ANIMO. This cycle mixe dance digital art and computer research. The topic focuse on « mistake » in the mechanisms of living process and the technology is developped in the frame of the R&D project Creamove ( FUI 2012-2015). The model box was shown in international digital art festival ( Siana, Futur en seine, DAF of Taipei…) and the interactive dance installation A#1-CUM (2013-2014) and A#2_FLUX (2015-2016) in several dance festivals, digital art, innovation and art-science exhibitions as Expérimenta (Grenoble FR) and the FILE FEST 2017 in Saò Paolo (Brésil).