Ilir Tsouko | Visual Artist, Photographer | Berlin Neukölln | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Berlin Neukölln
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Visual Artist, Photographer
Specialties: Photojournalism, portrait, Architectural and industrial photography

- About -

Biography: Ilir Tsouko was born in Albania (b.1990) and grew up in Athens, Greece. He is a photojournalist and documentary photographer, based in Germany and Greece. He is working on long-term projects revolving around perception and creation of identity with its ever-changing shapes. Migration, social issues like injustice as well as political decisions which can reflect directly the situation into the society, are subjects that he mostly follows. Ilir studied Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts. During this period he has been working for the Magnum Photographers Enri Canaj and Chien-Chi Chan. Before that, he finished his MSc in Health Sciences at CNAM University-Paris/Athens. He speaks and writes fluent German, Greek, English and Albanian languages. Ilir’s work has been published by notable publications in Germany, Greece, England, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, and other mostly European countries. His work has been exhibited at Plymouth University Portland Square, marking the end of the Refugee Week 2016 and in Berlin at Beloposkiy Galerie. Ilir is collaborating with different NGO's like MSF, Mission Lifeline and Border Violence Monitoring.