Jamie Andrews | Jamie Andrews Art | Bury St Edmunds | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Bury St Edmunds
Professional Title: Jamie Andrews Art
Specialties: concept development.

- About -

As a working artist for more than thirty years, I understand the process and problems of creating a visual structure in whatever form that might be. My method of operating has always been that of 'making is thinking,' which recognizes the experiential creative process over one that is purely mechanical or coldly conceptual, and where the materials and processes mediate between thoughts and ideas. The work is about 'play' in every sense of the word, mind games to tease the eye and engage the senses. Fed by an obsessive desire for the childish and childlike naive innocence as viewed through the eyes of an adults knowledge and experience, the work is far from puerile and often leads to challenging and thought-provoking images and sculptures. Having never lost a fascination for toys and games, as children, we view them as innocent playthings, objects that explore our fantasies and imaginary adventures, and they act as a social connection enabling us to make friends, have arguments and learn important interactions. I use them to connect with an audience in different ways, communicating a variety of messages, threatening, humorous, sexual, rude, political, religious and often ironic.