Jared Barbick | Printmaker, Painter | Fresno | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Fresno
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Printmaker, Painter

- About -

As a relatively new printmaker, but not new artist, my process always starts with finding images that are inspiring. Inspiration does not have to be happy thoughts or cuddly pictures. My inspirations are mainly drawn from interactions people have, human rights issues (typically violations), humanity and acts that define us, animal conservationism news, animal facial expressions, and feats of great struggle that require some element of extreme effort to overcome. My work ultimately is an extension of my imagination and my soul. What I feel, believe, and think is integral to each work. I try to construct a narrative in each image to tell a particular story or to convey a particular feeling and thought/set of thoughts. I would say my work reflects my inner landscape very closely.