Jenny Proudfoot | Illustrator | Edinburgh | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Edinburgh
Professional Title: Illustrator
Specialties: watercolour, pencil, ink

- About -

I’m an Edinburgh-based illustrator and designer who loves to dabble around in pencil, ink and splashy watercolour. With swirly bits. I studied Illustration & Media Design at Edinburgh’s Telford College, and moved on to become an award-winning graphic designer. I’ve been working solo since 2013 and my client list is growing all the time. My primary goals are to thrill my clients with results beyond their expectations and to elicit affection from my aloof ginger cat. ILLUSTRATION In 2012 I was working with colleagues on ideas for a new magazine called Hot Rum Cow, and suggested an illustrative approach to a feature about Arrack, a fiery Sri Lankan tipple. I painted the bottle in lucid pink and coral watercolours, with details picked out in soft pencil. The project thrilled me, and so I decided to focus on my first love, illustration. It was a great move. I’ve had a fantastic range of commissions for editorial, exhibition and packaging projects, with subjects ranging from fashion to field mice, bottles to battles, lettuce leaves to hand lettering.