Jeremy Kendall | Painter | Rapid City | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Rapid City
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Painter
Specialties: Abstract painting

- About -

Jeremy Kendall was born and raised in South Dakota. He began drawing around the same time we all do, but he could never really put it down. He attended Northwest College in Powell Wyoming and while studying photography, he took some basic drawing classes along with 2D Design class. After he graduated with a photography degree, he soon put photography down and began to teach himself how to paint with oil and acrylic. Lucky for him, he had good friends in the art community that encouraged and informed him of the basics of paint on canvas. He toyed with the idea of returning to school to follow his passion in painting, but he discovered his voice in art has always led him back to primitive structures and unrefined lines that he feared would be taken from him in classical education. His themes are typically inspired from dreams, both in the day and night. Since 1999, he has been a periodic member of the South Dakota art community.