Joanie Krug | Visual artist | Portland | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Portland
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Visual artist

- About -

I am attracted to the unexpected, even the random event that occurs for each of us on a daily basis. My work challenges us to embrace the turnarounds in life that leave us with a different perspective and invites us to land in a new space. As I approach a blank canvas, I plunge in to create that spontaneous moment--a gesture, reflecting relationships among figures or within an individual. Loving color and line, I have always been drawing, particularly figures, the exaggerated gesture and how line intersects with color; the emotion of line, the subtle as well as the direct statement. More than likely though, as the work progresses, intrigued by the mystery and the provocative journey of painting, the initial image transforms in unexpected ways to become something differently alive. The picture becomes a tapestry of layered colors; some under painting is revealed, some remaining hidden beneath. Relying increasingly on my non dominant left hand for painting, due to my experience with Multiple Sclerosis, my work has taken on a looser and even more expressionistic quality. When I am asked about the meaning or intent of my work, I often invite the viewer to tap into their own associations in order to give the experience a personal meaning.