Country: Canada
City: Ottawa
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Professional Artist - Painter
Specialties: Custom Artwork

- About -

I was born and raised in beautiful Blind River, Ontario; a small town on the Trans-Canada highway surrounded by forest and lakes, great and small. I now live in Aylmer, Québec (not far from Ottawa). So much of my work is inspired by the natural beauty around my hometown and it is where I got my start as an artist. My first acrylic painting was done while attending high school there and, not long after, I was asked to do my very first commissioned piece. I've lived in a few different places; attending school in Montreal for my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia, Victoria BC for a change of pace, and Ottawa to return to school to learn about business. I've also worked many different jobs, but never stopped painting, and am happy to say that I've completed hundreds of commissioned pieces since that first one in Blind River, and created a lot of other artwork that I'm very proud of. These days, you can find my work both in Orange Art Gallery, in Ottawa and on my website at Julie