Karolina Blaszyk | Documentary filmmaker, Film workshop animator | Marseille | Art Jobs
Country: France
City: Marseille
Industry: Film & Video
Professional Title: Documentary filmmaker, Film workshop animator
Specialties: documentary, documentary-fiction, film workshops

- About -

Graduated from the documentary school of Lussas in France in 2015, she directed a film « Streetcar number 3 “, selected at several film festivals in France and elsewhere and programmed in the selection of short films for cinemas “Mèche Courte“. She co-directed the movie ”Garibaldi Square” in 2016, on the redevelopment of a public square in Teil, Ardèche. In 2017 she co-directs a documentary-fiction film with the participation of the inhabitants of a village in Ardèche, Lanas. She is also an artist associated with the “Creation in Progress” program of Ateliers Médicis on a school documentary-fiction project in 2017 and 2018.