Katherine Kliewer | Studio Director , Executive Assistant to Jeff Koons | Atlanta/New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Atlanta/New York
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Studio Director , Executive Assistant to Jeff Koons
Specialties: Excel, Marketing, Non-profit

- About -

Given my 8 years’ professional experience in the fine arts with a logistic heavy background — from my role ​as Jeff Koons's sole Executive Assistant in New York to Studio Director of Atlanta creative agency Straight to Tell — I believe I would be an ideal candidate for an administrative role in the arts. Upon returning to Atlanta, I joined Straight to Tell as Studio Director. I work with the CEO daily, personally managing the studio’s overall production schedule as well as all client-facing needs. The studio works primarily with non-profits, in particular the health based organization ​The Public Good Projects​, as well as high-end government organizations to address sensitive public health concerns for a variety of audiences. I also maintain and manage client budgets, comprehensive studio finances and provide executive decisions on projects, as well as recruit, onboard, and act as a point-person for all new hires. Prior, I worked as Executive Assistant for the New York real estate developer, investor, and art collector Harry Macklowe. The position required immense multitasking abilities and discrete communication to execute large-scale transactions quickly and efficiently. I assisted on budgets of upcoming projects and worked directly with many in-house and outsourced companies to execute both personal and commercial properties. These projects required my direction for scheduling, resourcing needs and immediate response for quick and unpredictable adjustments needed during the development of projects. I took on responsibility as the lead organizer and coordinator for such philanthropic occasions as 432 Park Avenue Charity Dinners and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London at Buckingham Palace Gala. Additionally, I maintained communication between multiple auction houses, galleries and collectors for any art collection acquisitions. Previously as the Studio Administrator for Huge Inc. Creative Agency, I worked with the Creative Directors and Art Producers to acquire all image rights, source new talent, and assist with various production needs on shoots. Huge Brooklyn is the only studio location for all 13 digital agencies worldwide, therefore all resourcing needs for projects were filtered and vetted through the studio. There, I also assisted with all new clients and acted as the face of the studio for new business and upcoming projects. Lastly, I worked at Jeff Koons Studio as Jeff Koons's sole Executive Assistant. I was responsible for managing Jeff's personal and professional life. This involved managing daily schedules, including appointments, viewings, incoming and returning calls, client meetings, among other tasks. I orchestrated all domestic and international travel for Mr. Koons and over 15 additional studio and family members. I’m very proud of my success assisting the coordination on the retrospective exhibition at the Guggenheim Bilbao, ​Gazing Ball Paintings​ at Gagosian Gallery, and the inaugural exhibition ​Jeff Koons: Now​ at Murderme’s Newport Street Gallery, among a number of other exhibitions involving the artist’s work. In addition, I have worked closely with The Art Institute of Chicago, Ed Paschke Art Center, the ​International New York Times​ and Royal Academy of Arts. Additionally, I helped catalogue and track all art through ArtBase and Raiser’s Edge. I am comfortable and accustomed to working in a high pressure and fast paced environment with exclusive clientele.