KHALID Sabree | Owner | Bronx | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Bronx
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Owner
Specialties: Acrylic painting

- About -

KHALID SABREE aka KHA-Tees KHA-Tees grew up in Harlem NY. He went to Art and Design High School where he majored in illustration. He also went to New York University where he studied Fine Art and Parsons School of Design where he studied Graphic Design. Khalid calls himself a “NEO POP Art Impressionist. Khalid has had over 20 art gallery group shows (including in Japan) and is now having second solo show entitled “Consanguinity: HIP HOP iz JAZZ + JAZZ iz HIP HOP”, the idea behind this latest show is seeing the connections or relationships between hip hop music and Jazz music. His art company is called “KHA-Tees” a POP ART and Design business where he combines his love of Fashion and Art. Khalid is planning to be able to take his company to another level where he can open up small shops around the country, that sell his work like Keith Haring did back in the 80’s. His plan is to sell his ART around the world and beyond. Please feel free to contact him at or