Lesley Bodzy | Artist | New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: Unusual materials, 3D sculpture, painting on unique surfaces

- About -

I work to create a luminosity, an atmosphere you can breathe. I am interested in materiality and unique painting surfaces. I work to achieve dynamic rhythms that your eye can dance across. I seek to entice the viewer and have them centered in the moment. Looking for tension and balance, contrasting colors and unique shapes, I add mixed media or scrape into the surface, using unique tools and brushes. I often dispense with brushes, and pour and toss the paint to achieve spontaneous results. I love the unexpected complexity these processes make. Unique materials require specific decision making, complicating the dynamics I balance across the surface. I want the very act of painting to mirror the experience of the viewer.