Liliana Folta | Multidisciplinary Artist, Profesional Artist | Boston MA | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Boston MA
Professional Title: Multidisciplinary Artist, Profesional Artist
Specialties: Art installation, Exhibit Coordinator

- About -

Brief Biography: Liliana Folta was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1960. Her parents were post-WWII immigrants who arrived in Buenos Aires soon after the end of hostilities. Her childhood was founded on love, family, culture and exquisite polish-italian homemade food. Folta left her country in 1983, just at the end of the military repression to visit the USA for the first time. Since then she had the opportunity to meet with people from many cultures. These experiences have allowed her to enrich her life both personally and as an artist. She studied Fine Art at Tarrant County College NE Texas, under the guidance of Richard Hlad – painting- and Karmien Bowman – ceramic and metal sculpture - At Tarrant County College, Folta received an Outstanding Merit Award and a Distinguished Scholarship and was invited to do her first solo called “Galáctica Moderna”, a production of ceramic sculptures and wall installations. For over 15 years she lived in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The culture of the Caribbean was added to enrich her life and as a result, bright colors appeared in her paintings. In 2009 she moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where she continued to produce large works in the oldest artist’s community of Fort Point. In 2015 she moved to Berlin temporarily to work in new projects in her studio.