Pioneer and Beyond Ltd | Education | Brighton | Art Jobs
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Sector: Private for profit
Country: United Kingdom
City: Brighton
Size: 11 - 50 employees
Address: Queensberry House 106 Queens Road Brighton United Kingdom. BN1 3XF
Phone: +44 (0) 1273862320

- About -

Pioneer and Beyond is a global recruitment company that believes futures are created by being VISIONARY, creating and developing career paths that raise potential candidates to their zenith. In the previous years, we have pioneered the idea of going to teach in China to over 60 Universities and we have made our presence known in Graduate fairs across the country.
We have embraced a new generation of undergraduates that have been open to the idea of exploring a new world. Our ambition is to become world leaders in recruiting English teaching specialists to the east and in doing so, providing the best that the world can produce in teachers to China.