MARCELL IBARROLA | Artist Assitant, Residency Director | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist Assitant, Residency Director
Specialties: project management, Gallery Management, Art Residency administration

- About -

Over these 10 years of experience, I have managed a very diverse typology of projects such as architecture, art, sales, curatorship, construction, events, running an art residency, editorial, graphic and interior design. Trough these experiences, my true passion for creative fields and constant self-development, I was able to develop a set of working skills, that I think, make me a perfect candidate to perform various works activities. Allow me to point out a couple of bullet points that present my major attributes that match your requirements perfectly: - Multi Design Skills. As partner and CMO of BNKR Arquitectura as in my career collaborating with various artists, I designed an extensive variety of types of buildings, while simultaneously I outlined the studio´s branding, web, graphic, and editorial design. These design skills have been highly regarded, by winning international awards in the architectural and graphic design industries. -Team Management. I always make sure that teams under my command trust me and my judgment as a leader. By being confident, clear, encouraging, supportive, and effective delegating, I can develop a great working environment and build a team where everybody is united and works towards meeting the set goals and objectives. - Communication skills. By giving lectures, running workshops, selling construction materials, and presenting projects and concepts to partners and company clients, I was able to develop excellent communication skills. I always express clearly my ideas and thoughts, while at the same time I am a good listener with an open-minded approach. Furthermore, my past job experience gave me an opportunity to work with people coming from vide diversity of cultures and backgrounds that developed in me a strong sense of impartiality and kindness. - Meticulous project organization and working under pressure. I have frenzied attention for detail and by virtue of organization and my own developed working programs, working under pressure or with a strict deadline does not interfere with my objective thinking, decision making, and problem-solving skills. In my career, I successfully developed budgets, created marketing strategies, managed taxes, designed and executed multiple art and architectural projects, whilst always meeting the agreed deadline. -Loyal and responsible representative. Due to my integrity, full commitment to my workplace and professional appearance I was always representing companies in presentations, lectures, and meetings. This resulted in a long-term alliance with enterprises, foundations, architects and artists, that I have worked for, or collaborated with.