Margherita Nussio | Student | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Student
Specialties: Contemporary Art, Contemporary Italian Art, Contemporary African Art

- About -

I am a curious, genuine and active person with multiple interests that included: • Contemporary art and artistic expressions of Africa and Italian Contemporary Art after the Second World War. I strongly believe that the next generation of art historian must be as open-minded as possible to try to understand better how the art world is changing and take the best from it. SOAS environment is helping me to broaden my horizon and to understand better cultural and artistic manifestation of non-western art. At the same time, my roots as European, and Italian in particular, influenced my interest in the artistic scenario of the second half of the last century in Italy, in particular, the “Scuola Romana” and “Arte Povera” • Human Rights, child labor exploitation and education of people with disabilities, environmental problems. I always try to do my best to sensibilize people around me about these themes and I have changed my routine in order to be more coherent a possible to my believes and values. • I am the student representative of the School of Arts at SOAS, the secretary of a meditation society and I am involved in climbing and mental health society.