Megakles | Art Historian & Exhibition Curator | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Museum
Professional Title: Art Historian & Exhibition Curator
Specialties: Art Communication, Exhibition Design, Art Direction Photography

- About -

Megakles Rogakos is an art historian and exhibition curator. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Art History from The American College of Greece (1997); a Master’s degree in Arts, Policy & Management from the City University, London (1998); another Master’s degree in Art History & Theory from Goldsmiths College, London (1999); and a PhD in Philosophy and Art History from the University of Essex with his thesis "A Joycean Exegesis of «The Large Glass»: Homeric Traces in the Postmodernism of Marcel Duchamp" (2016). ● In 2000-2004 he worked as an information officer at the Tate Gallery, conducted scholarly research and curated a series of multimedia exhibitions, in London and abroad, featuring international contemporary artists. In 2004-2012 he held an appointment as ACG Art Curator at the American College of Greece. In that capacity, he organized the art collection into what became known as “ACG Art”; he created the web site for the collection; he increased the collection from 865 to 3,427 works; he initiated the ACG Art Gallery that opened in 2008; he curated 12 ACG Art exhibitions; and he collaborated with the college departments for developing and implementing educational programs. ● Since 2012, he works as an independent curator, continuing to curate exhibitions and supervise cultural projects, while pursuing his PhD research in art history at the University of Essex. The majority of the aforementioned exhibitions are accompanied by a catalogue, for which he contributes the texts in Greek and English, and of which he supervises the design. He also publishes reviews of exceptional art exhibitions on the website of