ballion melanie | visual artist | audenge | Art Jobs
Country: France
City: audenge
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: visual artist
Specialties: Illustrator, Painting, Art Installations

- About -

My artistic approach is due to my environment of birth and "breeding". This place is located where the ocean meets the land. This so-called "foreshore" zone is the point of junction between land and sea. In constant back and forth, the ocean deposits on the land during the highest tides "a sea leash" which draws by a line the trace of its highest waves, as a testimony of its passage and its promise of return. This "sea leash" then becomes a transitory place, in perpetual change, these substrates left by the sea fascinate me since childhood; I observe them as heaps of treasures for all that they carry in them as lost worlds and their promises of world becoming in contact with the earth. My artistic practice could be defined by the observation of "my leashes", such as the traces of submersion left on me by "the other": the other culture, the other landscape, the other technique, the other medium, the other time but especially, the other, the human. My commitment to this observation is above all political and social. My practice is hybrid and in situ drawing on traditional mediums to perpetuate them but also on digital ones to generate "new sea leashes". "These new sea leashes" are made up of precise documents transmitted by "these others": their testimonies such as archives, consignations, before the advent of new worlds. By a tangy aesthetic I want to create a meeting point with the viewer to bring him to his own search for "treasures" in "my leashes".