Milo Mottola | MUSEUM DISPLAY FABRICATOR | New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York
Industry: Visual Arts

- About -

MILO MOTTOLA MILO@WHOBUTMILO.COM 80 BEEKMAN STREET APT 2A NEW YORK NY 10038 9 1 7 • 5 7 3 • 8 2 1 9 When I was a boy, I won the Dental Health Poster Contest. The award ceremony was at West Point. They gave me a $50.00 Savings Bond. That was a big thing. I felt charmed and am happy to say that my life has been charmed. In the early years my focus was egg tempera paintings. Insanely detailed little icons inspired by the Cult I was born into. Later I took a chance and decided to paint anything I wanted. That was scary and exciting. My approach was still monastic but now I could paint a “baggie tie” or any mundane thing I chose to sanctify. Once I had dissolved the cohesion between objects I began to impose new meaning and the viewer was led to believe there was meaning. I eloped with 17th century Wonders, Somnambulism, Mesmerism, and the Pseudo-sciences. “Today you bring me the tooth of a narwhal, tomorrow a saponified sparrow.” If such curiosities exist (and we have evidence) then what else? I enjoyed inventing my own Phylum’s, Constellations and Creation myths. That’s a fun place for the mind to hang out. My love of Wonder invited Quacks and Charlatans. They brought me their unguents, plasters, and patent nostrums. Convinced that “Truth” was elastic, I abandoned science and practiced instead “Outrageous claims”. Who ever convinced the best, possessed the fiercest doctrine. The Carney or The Ad-man. My art has always snitched on my destiny. It continues to propagate cooler and funner things then destiny had intended. Milo.